Clan MacMillan Genealogy

Clan MacMillan International Centre is compiling MacMillan genealogies under Project MAOL (Macmillan Ancestry On Line) at the Clan Centre at Finlaystone in Scotland. Over 10,000 individuals with the surname M’millan (standing for all spellings of Macmillan/MacMillan/McMillan etc.) are currently recorded in Project MAOL.

Genealogy resources are available on the Clan MacMillan International website. Genealogist Graeme Mackenzie is available to assist MacMillans with their Scottish ancestry.

An active effort is underway to characterize the genetic markers that are unique to each branch of the MacMillan family tree. Over 400 MacMillans are participating in the genetic genealogy study.

MacMillans can participate in the Clan MacMillan DNA Study by joining the MacMillan Surname Project at Family Tree DNA.